Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's that time again, folks. It's beginning to look a lot like... fall! Still pretty balmy here in the southern United States, but the weather IS changing and for many folks, today marked the beginning of college football!! Truth be told, I am not a huge football fan. As a matter of fact, as of today... I am SO over it already! This news is not a shock to anyone who knows me, including my husband, who is an SEC grad and a fairly avid football enthusiast. We are just thankful for more than one TV in the house!

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors, the weather... EVERYTHING! So many fun memories from childhood: starting back to school, Fall Festivals, Homecoming games... ahh the joy. I still love pumpkins and scarecrows and hot apple cider. Hay rides and bonfires and deciding what to wear for Halloween...I could go on and on. There's just nothin' about autumn that I don't like.

And with the kids back in school I have lots of ideas and projects planned for the house (and lots of decorating for the holidays!). I'm hoping to post some pics as things progress, so stay tuned for that! I'm also looking forward to our rally day for Sunday School that starts around this time of the year. And somewhere in all of that I'm going to TRY to squeeze in some sewing... as those projects are mounting almost daily. :)

So here's to the next few months of wonderful transformations... within us and around us! And on that note, I'll wrap it up with a fond adieu, southern style: HAPPY FALL, Y'ALL!!