Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday: Jewelry Organization

I'm a sucker for organization stuff. I have spent a lot of money over the years buying gadgets and gizmos to help with this obsession I have with organization. This tip I found while watching HGTV and what I love most about it, is that it's SO CHEAP!!

The best thing I've found to store my earrings in: ice cube trays!! That's right! Go ahead and get you a few (only about $1.00 a piece... some times I've seen a 2 pack for a dollar!) and put a pair in each compartment. Viola! Instant (and inexpensive) organization. One tray holds about 16 pair of earrings. You could probably use it in the "junk drawer" or sewing cabinet for buttons, safety pins, push pins...the options are endless. Head over to for more awesome tips from the blog world!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday: Things To Do In Car-Line While Waiting On the Kiddos

Thought I'd join in "Top Ten Tuesday" hosted by These are really fun. Go on over and check 'em out. I laughed out loud!

Top Ten Things To Do In Car-Line While Waiting On the Kiddos

1. Pick up the miscellaneous garbage that accumulates on a daily basis. I always keep an extra Wal-Mart bag or two in the van just for this purpose.

2. Grab a rag and the Armor-All on the way out the door and clean the dashboard while listening to what YOU want to listen to on the radio.

3. Open and sort the mail.

4. Update your to-do list.

5. Catch up on your reading. Smutty novel or Sunday School lesson... your choice!

6. Read to your pre-schooler. A trip to the library beforehand is helpful or keep a few books stashed in the little pocket behind the seat.

7. Balance your checkbook. Buy a small calculator to keep in your purse for times such as this. Also comes in handy when you're at Wal-Mart trying to decide if the coupon you want to use will be worth the savings or if you should just buy your old stand-by. Yes, I have done this many times. You'll be glad your checkbook is balanced then too. :)

8. Return phone calls or make one to someone you haven't talked to in a while.

9. Pray.

10. This is probably my favorite: Put on your sunglasses and close your eyes for a quick nap. Just be sure to set the alarm on your cell phone! LOL!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: Teachers Who Care

Hello all! Yes, it's been a while since I've created a new post. My kids CANNOT get well. It's Anna this time and she has been sick and running a fever since Sunday night. The pediatrician says it's not the flu, it's not strep throat, and it's not an ear infection. We'll be heading back tomorrow and I'm going to insist that they test her again. Sometimes Mom has to do what Mom has to do. Know what I mean?

Today's post is more about WHO I love than WHAT I love and I hope you can relate. Anna has always been blessed with extraordinary teachers (Special Ed and otherwise) as well as aides and nurses at school ...and this year is no exception. I just got off the phone with her teacher, Candi McCullars who religiously calls and checks in on us when we're not there. Before we hung up she told me that she wasn't sure how "professional" her comment would be, but she wanted me to know that she would be praying for us. Praise God, I couldn't be happier! As I explained to her, it's sad that we live in a society where you have to preface a comment like that with a disclaimer. She agreed wholeheartedly.

I'm just so glad that in the little things and in the big things, God is showing us that he's taking care of us. Thank God there are still teachers out there who pray for their students. Thank God that there are women and men who have a love for special children and devote their lives to them and their education, their well-being, their safety, and apparently their spiritual condition as well. I swear if she didn't have a family of her own, I'd take her home to live with US!! Thanks Mrs. McCullars and all the Christian educators everywhere. You are worth more than gold!