Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Only A Matter of Time

Today I am hanging in with my Sugarplum as she has seized herself into oblivion. One (if maybe the ONLY) perks to these days spent in the bed is the chance to watch all the awful daytime television that the law will allow. While Anna naps, I flip through the channels trying my best to find something, ANYTHING, that I can tolerate. Well, today I hit the jackpot.

I happened upon the Wendy Williams Show and I LOVE IT! That girl is so funny, and the best part, she got caught being photographed wearing a FANNY PACK and she is SO not apologizing for it. Gotta love a woman who will defend her fanny pack, right?

I, too, am the owner of a fanny pack (my sister will attest to this AND will bust my chops to boot if and when she remembers to). However, these days I have chosen to limit my fanny pack wearing to the days I have a yard sale ONLY (for cash holding purposes) for fear of being publicly humiliated by friends and family. But I must admit... I LOVE THE FANNY PACK! And what's not to love? All your possession's, close to you, safely zipped away, while your hands and arms are free to shop, walk, chase your kids, WHATEVER! Wendy's arguments for the fanny pack were similar and then she had photos of other celebs wearing THEIRS: Drew Barrymore, Donna Karan, Karinna (from DWTS), and Kanye West's freaky girlfriend. Okay, so much for the last one, but you have to admit, the first three are pretty credible, right?! Now sure, these celebs' packs are probably "designer," not at all like my purple, tree-hugger one, but a girl can only hope that today's the day that the fanny pack will make it's resurgence back into mainstream fashion. If not today, I'm holding out for tomorrow. It's only a matter of time... Until then, I'll be watching Wendy. :)

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