Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm BAAAACK! (Insert sing-song-y voice here!)

Whew! What a couple of months we've had! Tornadoes, no power, a short stint at my moms, plus all the "end of the year" stuff with all the girl's activities (parties and awards and a field trip... Oh my! LOL!). I get tired just thinking about it all! Springtime, at least in OUR household, is our busiest time. And though Momma loves her solitude that sending her children to public school affords, I AM looking forward to the laid back days and unhurried mornings that summer vacation brings.

All that being said, our June is already BOOKED. Wait! What happened to all that "laid back" yadda-yadda and "unhurried" mumbo-jumbo? I guess that will have to wait until July! LOL! On the bright side, there should be LOTS of good, blog-worthy material to write about. So if you haven't bailed on me yet, I promise a feast of crafts, home improvement projects, life lessons, and lots of laughs this summer. So grab your ice cold lemonade, put you feet up, and hang with us as we try to get the very most out of our hazy, (not-so) lazy days of summer!

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