Saturday, June 20, 2009

To Sweet "P," With Love

We have a tradition in my family and it's one I love. EVERYBODY in our family has a nickname. At least one. I don't know how this started, but I get the biggest kick out of it and I continue this quirky little habit in my own family now and with all my friends.

How does a nickname start anyway? I like to think of a nickname as a term of endearment. Maybe your sweet little one has done something incredibly cute, or they may remind you of something or someone. Maybe it's just plain laziness and you don't feel like exerting the effort to say someone's full name. Us southerners do this a lot, not just with proper names. How do you think "y'all" came to be?

But I digress. I love nicknames. I love giving them too. If you are dear to me, you probably have one from me. You know who you are. And You probably have more than one: CharlieG, Sugarplum, Punkin'Pie, SquishyBottom, BigMama, Poppy, MoMo, Corky, Hooker, Big'Un, Griff, TayTay, Lo Boat, Jay, The Trebi, Mim, ChiChi, Mamasita, Ash, I could go on... but I'm afraid half of you have quit reading already.

I go by a few nicknames myself these days and have acquired many over the years. I won't bore you with their meanings: Ling Long Lootitie-Hootie ( or Ling... the nickname for my nickname), Lillie-Willie, Linz, LB, Pig, Daisy, SoCo, Hootch, Grand Master, Prezbo, and yes, I'll answer to each and everyone of them.

The latest recipient of a nickname in our family would be that of my precious little niece that was born on my birthday! Her nickname is EXTRA special because I gave it to her and it looks like it's gonna stick. Her name is Peyton Elaine, but she's known to the rest of us as Sweet "P." Pretty self explanatory, but fitting none-the-less. What about the rest of you? Do you do the nickname thing? And more importantly, are you brave enough to tell what yours is?

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