Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Calgon... Take Me Away!!

After a most hysterical e-mail from my sister to "get to blogging" I thought I'd peck out a few lines to those of you who actually are looking forward to me writing something (I'm flattered... I really am!) and let you know where I've been.

Well, first there was Anna's birthday festivities at the house and all the planning to go with it. Then it was all the end of the year stuff with the girls and their schools. Then all of us went to Gulf Shores with Chuck's parents...the packing... the unpacking. Then I had to high-tail it in to 1st gear upon my return from the beach to get ready for Bible School. I'm the director again this year and to say I like to take the decorating to the extreme would be an understatement. Hey, it's for the kids, right? And that's where I am now. One day left of Bible School and then the commencement tomorrow night. I need to be making certificates for the kids right now, but alas, here I am... blogging at my sister request (oh yeah, and checking in with Facebook! LOL! Priorities!)

Notice that there is no picture attached to this post. No time. I wanted to find one with a woman in the tub relaxing: what I wish I was doing. But right now a picture of a woman drowning would be a more accurate description. Forget the Calgon...throw me a lifesaver! Mmmm... lifesavers. Okay, now I need a sugar fix. Looks like those certificates will have to wait...
Stay tuned faithful readers (er, Courtney) there's more to come!!!!!!

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