Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's...

SUPER GIRL! And what a super girl she is. This picture was taken at The Miracle League softball game last October when the players dressed in their Halloween costume. Chuck and I joked that the "S" on her costume actually stood for "Seizure Girl." C'mon. It's kinda funny, right? No? Perhaps others need a sense of humor like we have. If you can't beat it, joke about it. That's our motto!

There hasn't been a lot to joke about lately. Increased seizure activity and manic behavior has kept a smile from that precious little face...and ours too. We will be spending our spring break at Children's Hospital for a 96 hour EEG where Anna will be taken off all her meds and then we will start over with new ones. The neurologist has told us to prepare for a roller coaster ride, as it will be all trial and error as to what medications (or combos, thereof) will work best for her. And that, friends, takes time. Doesn't Dr. McGrath know that I gave up roller coasters 10 years ago? Apparently he and Anna did not get the memo. Pardon me while I get a ticket to ride...

So my little super hero is the reason I've been a little absent from the blog world lately and the reason I may be sporadic in the near future. Blogging is like therapy for me, so I'll definitely be making an appearance and keeping everyone posted on her progress that I'm claiming in advance. When you pray, say a few words for my sweet Anna. Cuz that would be, well... super.


  1. I hate roller coasters too - especially ones on which my children are expected to ride as well. You all will be in my thoughts as you undertake this endeavor to find a medicinal combo that works on your sweet girl's seizures.