Thursday, October 20, 2011

Music Therapy Thursday... Anna's Song

Today at 10:00 a.m. I will be meeting with Anna's teachers to establish a new IEP that will enable her to return to school for half days following the brain surgery she had on September 27, 2011. She is surpassing all expectations with her recovery, and we couldn't be happier.

Last night, for example, we got her to "blow kisses" to us for the first time ever. Words don't do justice to just how huge this is! Since surgery, she has been much more alert and focused and (obviously) able to follow directions better than ever. She acts like she feels so good and of course, that makes the rest of us feel good! Time will tell about how the surgery will affect her seizure disorder, but if the past few weeks are any indication of what we can expect, we are over the moon!

I have always loved Natalie Merchant and this song, but when I stumbled upon it again while Anna was in ICU, I knew WHY I have always loved it. Little did I know all those years ago as I sang along to it in the car, the REASON behind the song and how much I would relate to it with my very own little "wonder." I sat in the waiting room that night, tears streaming, feeling like Natalie Merchant had written this song just for me. I dedicate it to my precious wonder, Anna, and know that without a doubt "with love, with patience and with faith, she'll make her way."

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