Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Deal!

I'm always inclined to share the love when I try something and it rocks my face off. This would be one of those times.

For most of the year, I get my morning caffeine fix from a can of Diet Coke. But something about cooler temps gets me craving a good cuppa joe, even in the evenings. To keep myself from being wired til all hours of the night, I try to keep decaf on hand. But what happens when I look in the cabinets to find we are OUT of coffee? Well, momma sets off to get her some.

There are two Wal-Marts within 15 minutes each way of my house that I try to avoid at all cost, especially if I only need an item or two. For those quick trips I tend to mosey on down to my local Walgreens that is (almost) walking distance from my abode. Not wanting to spend a lot of dough on some java(cuz it was not on sale) I opted to purchase the Walgreens brand (Cafe W) of decaffeinated coffe in original roast this time around. Momma was NOT disappointed.

This coffee is delicious. Better than the Dunkin' Donuts brand I bought last time, fo sho. I've served it to guests and THEY have asked what kind of cofee it is. They can hardly believe it when I tell them it's the Walgreens brand! I'll be trying the fully leaded kind next and scouring the circular just waiting for it to go on sale! Are there any off-brands that you like better than the name brands? Looks like an "off-brands" post may be in my future. Stay tuned!

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