Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tackle It Tuesdays

Is there something that you've been putting off? Well, if you're like me, your list of things to do may be longer than you'd like. My Tuesdays are like most people's Mondays. Mother usually comes up on Sunday and spends the night and we get out and about on Mondays while the girls are at school. Hence, Tuesday comes at me like a freight train, trying to get caught up, and getting the week rolling. So I'm taking my "to-do" list and I'm going to tackle it... one menial task at a time.

First things first: exercise. I find that this is best done without anyone home to watch me or get under my feet. Now I'm not really a fan of the whole exercise thing, but I've come to realize that to fight a sluggish metabolism, exercise is a must. I've been doing the South Beach Diet (again) since January with excellent results, and combined with exercise (I've been doing cardio and strength training with "The Firm" videos), I've lost a total of 10 lbs. Yay me!! As I write this, I have already exercised this morning, so this particular task gets a big fat (no pun intended) CHECK!!

With not much available time to give the rest of my list the attention it deserves, I'm off to make a dent into that ever-growing pile of laundry. I mean, how many clothes can four people actually go through in a weekend? You'd be surprised to know!

After that... the dreaded junk drawer in the kitchen. It already has a drawer organizer in it, but half the time it's so crammed full that it either won't open OR close. So there's my list for the day... before it's time to get the kids from school. Pick a chore from YOUR list and let's get one step closer to domestic nirvana together!

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  1. Lindsey, Thanks for stopping by my blog today and taking the time to leave a comment! An congrats on your new blog! I'm going to take a look around. God bless!