Monday, February 2, 2009

Friday: Dinner and a Movie

We had the most fabulous Friday night... all by accident, really. After a hectic week of Anna having seizures, I let Jamie Ruth invite a friend over after school. They had great fun playing dress-up, and when it came time for the little girl to leave, my red-headed baby was heartbroken. Trying to divert her attention, I suggested that I dress up WITH her and we could finish having the tea party that the two girls had started hours ago. Surprisingly enough, she took to the idea immediately, and wished her friend well as she left. Feeling victorious at diverting a meltdown, I also suggested that after Dad came home, and after we ate dinner, we would pop some popcorn, she could pick out any movie that she wanted to watch, and we would have our own "Family Movie Night."

I can't tell you how excited she got as we went to my closet to find a "princess dress" for me to wear. I first tried on the bridesmaid dress from my sister's wedding this past summer. UGGH! Too snug! (Mental note: Make sure I really push it next week doing "The Firm.") The next and only option left: my witch's costume from Halloween. "How about this one?" I asked. "Oh that one's BEAUTIFUL!" (If by beautiful you mean long, black, with jagged-cut sleeves and hem...okay. At least it fit!) I decided to accessorize with a fancy black hat, a string of pearls, and some red and while high heeled shoes (don't ask... an impulse buy last summer!). I felt this complemented her attire of a ballerina tutu, pink belt, white straw hat and blue dress-up shoes immensely. So off we go to spread our quilt out in the living room floor and have some tea until Dad arrives.

When Dad walked in (with Chinese food in hand...yeah, I know how good I have it!), he exclaimed, "Well, HELLO ladies!" I told him that we were dressing up for tea (now dinner) and he might want to go put on a tie. "Really?" he asked. "REALLY," I said. So being the good sport he is, he relented and even let our little ballerina pick out his tie (which he wore over his t-shirt!). I finished his ensemble off with an old hat that belonged to his grand-dad. I'm kicking myself all over the place for not getting a picture of all of us in this garb. Words just don't do it justice. Trust me.

Well, we finished our dinner and popped our corn and settled in to watch the Veggie Tales' "The Christmas Star." It was then that Anna decided (wearing her own tutu) that she was heading to the bedroom. No "Christmas Star" for her! Chuck followed her and Jamie Ruth and I proceeded to camp out in the floor and watch the movie I'd promised. After a while she turned to me and said, "MOM? Thank you for doing this for me. This is making me REALLY happy." Well, I guess you know that my heart turned to butter and I gave her a kiss and told her I loved her. Now if that's not a Hallmark moment, I don't know what is!! Looks like Friday "Dinner and a Movie" might have to become a regular occurrence around here, complete with ties, hats, and dress-up shoes. I hope she cherishes that memory for a long time. I know I will. :)

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