Friday, February 27, 2009

Frugal Friday... The Library

I'm always looking for ways to save money, especially where the kids are concerned. Both of my girls love books and we get quite a few at Christmas and on their birthdays. But seriously, how many times do I have to read "Monkeying Around With Chimp and Zee" before I go...well, bananas?
Our town's library is so charming. The upstairs houses the children's books and underneath the dormers are little nooks with murals painted on the walls complete with pillows for settling in with a good read. We haven't been to the library in quite awhile, however. I believe the last time I took Jamie Ruth, we left with her in tears not fully understanding the concept that the books are only borrowed, if only to be brought back to be checked out AGAIN. But now we are a mature 4 and three-quarters, and going to the library was her idea this time. And well, being a Lit major in college, I find the smell of old books intoxicating... so off we went.
Upon arriving, we took a stack of books to each of the three nooks and I read to her for the better part of two hours...amazed at how the time flew. She then picked out seven books to bring home (that I had to carry to the van) and then replied, "And you know what, Mom? THIS time, I'm not even going to cry when we bring them back." I tried not to laugh realizing how much she's grown and how moments like this are priceless. In every sense of the word! Check out for more ideas for frugal living .

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