Thursday, September 9, 2010

Music Therapy Thursdays

I got such a huge response when I posted a little "music therapy" a while back on Facebook, that I thought I'd continue the party over here on my blog. I'm the type of person that RELATES to music. I mean I REALLY RELATE. :) Every momentous occasion in my life has a soundtrack. Almost every memory has a song attached to it. Weird, I know.

So it's probably no surprise that while I choose to celebrate with a song, I also cope with loss and sadness by tuning on the tunes. Sometimes, mere words fall short of the emotions that we're feeling. But combine those words with a melody, and magic happens. While listening to a little "music therapy" I've laughed, I've cried, and I've boogied so hard I got a side cramp. :D But in the end, "music therapy" left me feeling lighter, better... dare I say happier. And for a lot less than a visit to your neighborhood shrink.

And so "Music Therapy Thursdays" has been born. I hope you enjoy today's version. I thought it was a fitting choice to kick off our little party... And if nothing else, Dobie's shirt will surely make you smile!

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