Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today's Top Ten

The Top Ten Ways You Know That Fall Is On It's Way To Alabama

10. What's that?? Nuthin' but silence, baby. The kids have been in school for about three weeks. Nice...

9. You have went through your closet (and the kids' AND your husband's) to strategically remove all tank tops and anything abnoxiously tropical. (Side note: my husband does not wear tank tops or tropical prints. Your welcome, Chuck. )

8. The AC in your car has been moved from the MAX setting to the regular AC setting.

7. The pool and been drained. ((sniff))

8. You realize after a few minutes outside in the evenings that you don't need your arsenal of insect repellents, the vat of "Skin-So-Soft" you stocked up on, or the bee suit you bougt off E-Bay. So long suckas!! (Pun DEFINITELY intended!)

7. Somebody said SOMETHING about a football game on Saturday... :D

6. Mums are showing up everywhere from front porches to Homecoming corsages. Ahh, memories...

5. Neighbors are getting re-aquainted as heat advisories for the elderly and the very young have been lifted.

4. Your children come into the living room dressed for bed in last years flannel p.j.'s. True story.

3. You wonder how long you can make your pedicure last before it's "closed toe shoe season." I mean, why spend the money when they're just going to be covered up so no one can see them, right??!!

2. You start thinking that chili for supper is not such a bad idea...

1. Wal-Mart has started putting out their Christmas decorations. Fo real.

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