Friday, June 17, 2011

Getting My Craft On

I'm a fan of the gift bag. Yes, there was a time when I meticulously wrapped presents and fussed with bows until they were "just-so." But now-a-days I'm a crazy-busy mom so I keep a stash of bags on hand (along with tissue paper, of course) so I can be ready at a moment's notice when a birthday party comes along.

I'm also a fan of re-using the bags we get throughout the year. Doing so keeps unnecessary trash out of landfills and keeps more moolah in my wallet! But lately I've become interested in using reusable shopping bags and wanted to start giving gifts in bags that could actually be used by the recipient for a long time to come.

I purchased this little gem of a canvas tote at Wal-Mart (for $5!) to house the gift I'm giving to one of Jamie's sweet little friends from church. Sure, it's adequate and cute enough... but it needed something more. What's a momma in need of some quality craftin' time to do? Bang out some embellishments on the sewing machine, that's what!

Ahhh... much better. No matter the crafting question, ruffles and a cute monogram applique is always the answer! Add a pocket and you're good to go! I hope sweet little Katy likes her new bag and all the goodies inside. Spoiler alert: this may be my "go-to" gift this year. I mean, what's not to love? So easy. So fun. So eco-friendly. And most importantly, so cute!!!


  1. Ooh, so sassy! I love it! If I were capable of sewing a straight stitch, I would so be stealing this idea. However, I might attempt this craft using fabric glue, which is the only way I can work with fabric due to my inability to sew.

  2. Girl, I love me some fabric glue! That's how I rolled b4 I got a sewing machine! Be sure to post pics of yours. I'd love to see it when you make one!