Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sharing the Love

Ya know what I love? A product that lives up to all the advertising hype we as consumers are forced to endure during the 60 second commercial breaks from "Judge Judy" or "House Hunters International." I've found the "holy grail" of mops, peeps, and I just couldn't live with myself if I didn't share with you how incredibly awesome it is.

In the past I was a loyal Swiffer Wet Jet user. I liked the Wet Jet. It served me well. But Libman has taken the idea of the Wet Jet and made it better. Easier. Dare I say it... cheaper. Let me introduce you to the Libman "Freedom" mop. I'm in love with this thing. How so? Let me count the ways...

Starting at the top, the trigger is manual, so there are no batteries to buy or recharge. Ka-ching! There are no specific cleaners to buy either. The reservoir can be opened and refilled with any cleaning product of your choice. I've switched to using non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaners from a company called Shaklee, so I can just mix up a batch and add it to the mop. LOVE that. Also the cleaning pads can be thrown in the wash so there's zero waste. The mop comes with one pad, but I've bought a couple extra (about $6 each) as a back-up. They work really well, too, as they have these little scrubbers sewn in to the fabric. Sometimes momma's floors need that extra little scrubbing power!

The cost for a mop is about $20 which I think is a great buy. If you are still using a traditional mop (or a Wet-Jet) you need to RUN to your local super center and pick yourself up one of these bad boys. You can thank me later. And trust me... you will. ;)

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