Monday, September 19, 2011

Entertaining on a Dime... Actually on $8.64!

Thank you, Dollar Tree, for saving my hide once again. We threw an impromptu Italian dinner on Friday night for some friends and because I'm the hostess with the mostess, I felt the need to stock a make-shift bar with a few different red wines to compliment the hub's eggplant parmesan. Realizing Thursday night that there was no red wine glass to be found in the whole house, I set out to find some.

First stop was Wal-Mart, and their assortment of glassware was so pathetic that I'm not going to waste your time bad-mouthing them. Remembering that I had gotten some margarita glasses at a good price for a friend at Belk a few years ago, I headed there next. I did find a suitable set of wine goblets but they wanted $34.00 for a set of FOUR! Sorry, Belk. I am SO not spending that.

As a last resort, I thought I'd try Dollar Tree. And Ba-Bam! Eight red wine goblets (all a nice shape and quite sturdy) to the tune of $8.64 tax and all. And at that price, if one (or two:D) get broken along the way, I won't be reaching for the Pinot Noir to drown my sorrows! LOL! I've been wanting to add some champagne flutes to my glassware collection, so guess who's making a return visit? :) What are some of the things you frequent your local dollar store for? What's been your "deal of the century" there? Leave a comment and we'll all compare!

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