Thursday, September 8, 2011

How Me and My Ride Compare AKA: Random Musings About Momhood and Minivans

Both are indispensable for getting the family where we need to go. With all the crap that comes with. ;)

The kids take a toll on us daily and it shows!

Speaking of, both of us could use a little TLC in the grooming department.

We are both NOT the latest model, but was top of the line back in the day. ;)

You can find us sputtering around, "running on empty" half the time.

The older we get, the more maintenance we require!

The kids love us and all the bells and whistles we provide for them, but would NEVER admit said love for sheer embarrassment.

Yesterday, my battery died in car line. I'm hoping this is where we draw the line with our comparisons (she writes, laughing nervously). Although, Chuck DID drop everything to come and get me going again. Loving the romantic connotations here. I'm lame, I know. I drive a minivan, remember?

We are both a lot bigger than I thought necessary, but FABULOUS nonetheless!

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