Sunday, September 4, 2011

Food For Thought

Every time we get a puppy, Anna has some life-threatening hospital stay. I'm thinking this may be our last puppy for a LONG time. Like ever.

Every time I make plans to "change my life," life, as it turns out, has OTHER plans for me. Life lesson: I'm really not as in control as I think I am.

Dreaming about someone I love that is no longer with me is almost like being with them again. In my dream I remember what their hands look like, and how their hugs felt long after my conscious mind had forgotten. Sigh...

Hollywood has not come up with an original movie idea in YEARS (with only a few exceptions). Quit making money off of someone else's brainchild. Re-makes are old and putting a movie in 3-D and re-releasing it is just lame. Of course the last movie I saw in the theater was "High School Musical 3" so my opinion might not carry much weight.

I am currently dealing with an apparent card hoarding addiction. Only yesterday did I successfully discard cards given to me when I graduated from college. SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO, people. Gah! I'm letting go. Moving on. What exactly was I holding on to?

I find it most intriguing that after visiting New York last month, us southerners are quite repressed in our thoughts and actions as a whole. Why IS that?

Finding an old pay-stub or checkbook register from years ago can really put things in perspective and put your present financial circumstances in a far better light than you imagined. Just think how much better it can be five or ten years from NOW...

"Phineas and Ferb" is pure genius. If only summer vacation was really 104 days...

Is 39 too old to start making a "bucket list?"

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