Monday, November 7, 2011

Cracking Open the Cookbooks... Go Ahead and Pick Yourself Up Off the Floor

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a cook. I CAN cook, I just do not enjoy it the way a lot of women do. My husband LOVES to cook, however, so he has become the designated chef for our family. Truth be told, that's MORE than okay with me, but I wonder sometimes how this reversal of roles in our kitchen will affect my litlle redhead as she embarks on her own journey to become a domestic goddess. Somewhere inside me I feel like she should see her mom cooking (as old fashioned as that sounds and even though she could learn SO much more from her dad). So today I had an idea that would put me back in the kitchen more, improve my culinary skills, and could perhaps be fun to boot. Lemme explain...

I've been rearranging things in the house lately and have finally put every book I own in one bookcase in the office. This includes cookbooks as well. Sure, it would make more sense for cookbooks to be in the kitchen, but I've got limited real estate in there as it is. And besides, for a gal that doesn't cook much, I've got A LOT of cookbooks. Many have been handed down from Chuck's grandmother and my mom, but Chuck and I have accumulated a fair share of our own. It hit me today that I should put those suckers to use or just get rid of them. So I've chosen the former.

In the style of the movie "Julie and Julia" I thought it might be neat if I took a cookbook and "cooked" my way through it (or at the least, try and make one recipe a week from the different cookbooks that take up a whole shelf and a half of my gi-normous bookcase). I would feature the recipe on here and tell you where it came from and also tell whether it was a hit with the fam or an epic fail. I think I'll call this series "What's Cookin'?" (or more appropriately "What's That Bubbling Over On the Stove, Momma?" LOL!). Seriously, though. I think this could be fun. Look for a "What's Cookin'?" post later in the week!

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