Friday, November 4, 2011

"Watch"-ing the Redhead Learn Time Management

My husband works with a man that frequents auctions and on more than one occasion, we have been the recipients of some of the treasure that he has bought "sight unseen." Last night Chuck brought in a "Little Miss Chatterbox" watch from Avon (new in the box) that Mr. Arab had sent for Jamie. She loved it so much that she had to sleep with it on. Adorable, right? But momma has reasons for loving this watch too.

This morning while barking out how much (or little) time is left before she has to walk out the door to get to school, I stop myself and begin to shift gears. Taking Jamie aside and showing her on her watch that when the "big" hand gets to the three, Nana Mary will be here to pick her up and she MUST BE READY. I've done this before with the clock on the wall, but something about having her own beautiful pink time piece to keep her on track made all the difference. Insert "Halleleujah Chorus" here! Without missing a beat she said, "And now I'll be able to know when it's time for lunch, too!" Priorities. I've taught her so well! With me and "Little Miss Chatterbox" in her corner, she just might be able to conquer the world! Thanks, Arab. I think our mornings may be taking a turn for the better. Fingers crossed!

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