Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The List

I'm always curious about other people's schedules. I've spent A LOT of time surfing blogs to see how other wives and moms spend their day and how they can make it all "fit in" to the 24 hours we're all given each day. Let me be the first to admit that I fall WAY short on the scheduling front. Don't get me wrong... I'm a list maker from way back. I get such a rush and sense of accomplishment from crossing something off my endless list of things to do. Keeping a tight schedule is another thing. I long to have days that follow a particular regime, but then life happens: kids get sick, I get sick, Spring Break comes along... you name it and then the well intentioned schedule falls to the way side. Lately I've decided to take my mothering and wifely duties up a notch (we ALL could, right?). The only way I can see to get to it all is by once again putting pen to paper and making myself a schedule. And here it is:

First, let me address a cleaning schedule. I would rather clean all in one day and have the whole house all clean at once. But, after several attempts to do this, I've relented to a "clean one room a day" plan.

Monday- Guest Bath

Tuesday- Master Bath

Wednesday- Master Bedroom

Thursday- Other Bedrooms

Friday- Living Area (sweep/ mop/ vacuum)

As for the details: Cleaning the bathrooms, I'd say, is pretty self-explanatory. All the usual plus sweeping and mopping. The Master Bedroom gets a full day because it somehow seems to end up as the "drop-off zone" for everything that doesn't yet have a home. The computer and computer desk also reside here. Cleaning this room entails picking up, changing sheets, dusting and vacuuming. Ditto for the other two bedrooms. The Living Area includes the living room and dining area which are open to each other. Cleaning these rooms entails picking up, dusting, vacuuming area rug, sweeping and mopping the hardwood floors, wiping down the table and chairs. You may have noticed that I left out a very important room: The Kitchen. That's because I'll be cleaning it daily: washing dishes, wiping counter tops and appliances and sweeping. Mopping will be as necessary... or at least with the rest of the hardwood floors on Friday. :)

Now for the daily chores:

This is where I think my list will come in handy the most. Right now I've written it on a jr. legal pad to check off each task (some of which might seem silly to actually include, but hey, why not?). I'm thinking of putting it behind a sheet protector so I can use a dry erase marker to cross things off and I won't have to make new lists all the time. The list might seem a little long, but it's what I do. Here it goes:

* Wake up

* Get Anna dressed

* Anna's medicines/ fed

* Anna to school

* Breakfast

* Laundry

* Jamie Ruth to school

* Clean kitchen

* Room of the day

* Choose from the "others" list

* Get JR from school

* Lunch

* Rest

* Get Anna from school

* Laundry

* Supper prep

* Supper

* Family time

* Get ready for tomorrow

- bath for girls

- pick out clothes for tomorrow

- get book bags ready for tomorrow

* Get ready for bed

* Bible/ reading/ computer

I put Laundry on the list twice because I need to do 2 loads a day to keep caught up. I'm hoping to fold and put away as I do it too. We'll see how THAT turns out. :) I also made a list of "other" things to do while the kids are at school according to what needs to be done. Each day I'll choose at least one:

* menu plan

* clean out the van

* pay bills

* grocery shopping

* errands

* ironing

Well, I'm hoping that this will help me out and get my house in order as well as provide some sense of order to our wild and woolly days. How about the rest of you? Do you work off of a schedule? Do you need to start? Let me know. I'll keep you updated on my progress!

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