Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: Schick Quattro Razors

My dear husband has given me lots of advice over the years. Silly as it sounds, one of the smartest things he's told me was to not skimp when it comes to razors. RAZORS? Oh, he's said lots of smart and profound things, but this week, as I continued to hack up my legs with a sub-par grooming device... his advice on razors was ringing in my ears.

Y'all know that I love a deal! I take great pride in my bargain hunting skills, but some things, as my husband states, are worth coughing up the extra cash for. Case in point: I have sensitive skin. I haven't always... but the older I get, the more sensitive my skin gets. Within the last couple of years I've had to change lotion, soap, and now razors. Not that I was using the cheapest ones out there, mind you, but I just had a hard time coming off my pocketbook for RAZORS. With warm weather on it's way here to the sunny south, I've been doing a little more personal grooming and the razor burn was out of control. That's why I'm LOVING the Schick Quattro Razor for women. Oh yeah, I bought the fancy one with the refillable cartridges. And you know what? NO razor burn and NO stubble. Perhaps I'll have to skimp somewhere else in the budget... cuz these razors are keepers! Head on over to to see what else YOU may fall in love with!

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