Thursday, November 18, 2010

Music Therapy Thursday...Me, Chuck, A Park Bench, and Edwin

Eleven years ago today, I sat on a park bench at Oxford Lake and was proposed to by a guy I had only known for 2 and a half months. As we talked about what people would say (and how we really didn't care WHAT they thought!), we decided to spend the rest of our lives together. I asked Chuck this morning if he remembered what today was and he said yes. I asked him if he had any regrets and he said, "Only that I didn't meet you sooner." Sorry, ladies. He's all mine... ;) This was our song back then. Since you can't have Chuck, enjoy a little Edwin on me!


  1. Crazy how this song affects people...I remember so vividly hearing this song on a rainy evening as I was driving home from work. My husband & I had first started dating & it hit me like a load of bricks that he was the one! He already knew because we'd been friends for awhile already but I was a tad freaked out that he was so positive so fast that we'd get married. LOL Little did I know right?

    Chuck sounds like a wonderfully, romantic man! You're both blessed!

  2. No idea how I found your blog but glad I did! :) Looking at your blog list to the side, we like (well, I lurk) some of the same ones!! :)

    Yes.... great song!