Friday, April 8, 2011

From Flab To Fab Friday... A Little Less Conversation and a Little More Action

Yeah, I get it. I feel ya. I'm picking up what your putting down. You're tired. You didn't sleep well last night. You have a headache. You've got a gazillion things to do around the house. You just plain don't WANNA. Well, boo-flippin-hoo. That's right. I said it. I am SO going there.

I can think of one million and one reasons NOT to work out. News flash: I am not an "I just Lu-uv to exercise!" person. Momma don't move like she used to. It's hard to get going, and even harder to recuperate. But I like food and apparently food likes me. And my metabolism has slowed to a snails pace. When your fat pants start to cord you off like link sausage, it's time to do something. And it's not all about what you look like...

Three months ago I felt horrible. I had zero energy. It took an act of Congress and a case of Diet Coke to get me going most days. And truth be told, I was unhappy. Unhappy with my looks and beating myself up because of my lack of will power. I was feeling sorry for myself and the circumstances of living with a handicapped child and I drowned my sorrow in food. "It's one of the few joys I have," I'd argue. Wow. That's putting food before a lot of things. Too many things.

Then I had a revelation. There are LOTS of things that I have no control over: cancer, seizures, the economy... but I do have control of what I put in my mouth and how much I move my body. Looking at working out and eating right from this perspective is very empowering. And after pushing through a workout (or exchanging the bag of chips I was about to eat for an apple) my confidence soars and I tell that little voice in my head telling me I can't to shut up. There's a new sheriff in town, little devil on my shoulder! Momma's kicking butt and taking names!!! LOL!

My step-dad always used to tell me, "Can't never could and won't never will." Getting over the "I just don't feel like it" hurdle is as simple as changing your vocabulary from can't to CAN and deciding to "act like a grown-up" (as I call it) when it comes to disciplining yourself to exercise. What is THAT, you ask?!? "Acting like a grown up" to me simply means looking at the tasks on your plate and DOING them, whether you want to or not. Like paying the bills, going to the dentist, or scrubbing the toilet for the 16th time this year. Nobody really wants to do those things, right? But as responsible adults, we know they need to be done, so we do them.

Since starting the "From Couch To 5K" program weeks ago, I have more energy than I thought I could have at a ripe old age of almost 39 years. But if I'm honest, there are days that I'd rather just do something else. ANYTHING else. But I push through. And exercising first thing in the morning makes a huge difference. That way it's over and done and I don't have to try to fit it in my schedule later, or beat myself up when it doesn't get done at all. When I wake up, I get dressed and put my running shoes on before I take the kids to school.

Even then, though, my lazy subconscious tries to sabotage the best laid plans. But ya know what? When that happens, I just decide that I'm not going to entertain those thoughts and I decide to do it anyway. "Just do it!" I tell myself. It's right about then that I laugh at myself as I think of the Nike "swoosh" and how I really ought to talk to a professional about the conversations I have with myself. But at least the workout gets done, right? It's a means to an end, people. A means to an end. ;)

So there's your kick in the pants for today, peeps. The "tough love" you need to spur your athletic endeavors. What are you waiting for? Make it happen, Captain! Or if nothing else, listen to the video and shake what your momma gave you. It's 3 minutes and 52 seconds of righteous groovin'. And if you're ready for more, then listen to the lyrics: "Come on baby, I'm tired of talkin'. Grab your coat and let's start walkin'. Come on, come on!" The King has spoken. ;)

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