Friday, April 15, 2011

It's A Curse, I Tell You!

Some people are born with keen intelligence, mad hostessing skills, or killer cheekbones. I, my friends, got cursed with excellent taste. ((sigh)) Sad, but true. Apparently so did my husband. ((double sigh))

We are about to have our back deck roofed and ceiling fans added. We told the builder that we'd save him the hassle (cuz we're picky, um, I'm mean helpful like that) and pick out the fans ourselves. Any excuse to get me into my favorite of ALL stores (AKA: Lowe's)... So off we go.

The beauty pictured above is the unanimous choice. At $150. Times 2. For ceiling fans, people. Please understand that the pic doesn't do it justice. It really is awesome. So now, the ceiling fans outside will be 100 times more aesthetically pleasing than the ones inside my house. So you know what that means... more ceiling fans in my future. Aye caramba!

See what happens when you're cursed with good taste? Sensibility and reason go right out the window! Hand in hand with a few Benjamins, I might add! Before and after pictures to follow....

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