Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Money Matters Monday: Before and After... FINALLY

It's been a long week. And I mean LLOOONNNGGG. I've completed a month-long sewing project, lead a Girl Scout meeting, attended a funeral, walked 10 miles, celebrated a birth, organized a delivery for food, went shopping for Christmas presents, wrapped said presents, (okay, I'm not even done with my list, but you get the point, right?!)...

So I'm just now getting around to showing you this awesome "Before and After" that I did a couple of weeks ago. I got the idea from one of the MANY blogs I stalk, I mean follow, but I can't remember which one. Sorry... But here is the before: Typical, girly, desk chair. It was okay, other than it was filthy and stained and I never liked it to begin with! LOL!

See what I mean? It was in dire need of a little "Va-va-va-voom." Cuz it belongs to my red-headed diva. And because I have a sickness. It's called "Can't-leave-well-enough-alone-itis."
I'm holding out for a cure. Anywhoo...

I unscrewed the back of the chair from the seat and turned it over to "eyeball" (technical term) how much fabric I would need to cover it. I did the same for the seat part.

Because I do not have a staple gun (hint, hint to anyone that wants to spread a little Christmas cheer my way!), I simply used a glue gun to hot-glue the fabric to the bottom of the chair and to the back of the chair, tucking the fabric inside the plastic on the back (sorry, no picture of that part!).

And here's the "After!" Tah-dah! Pretty swank, don'tcha think?! It goes much better in her pink, black, and white bedroom now. She loves it and I love it too! And it didn't cost a thing cuz this was remnant fabric that I already had on hand. Ka-ching! What do you think? Makes you want to cover YOUR desk chair now, right?! Been there, (and now finally) done that! LOL!

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