Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top Ten Names I Considered Naming My Blog

10. Seizing The Day... Already taken. :( Wanted to play on the words since Anna has epilepsy and to chronicle our life living with the condition. But I'm so much more than an "epilepsy" mom so...

9. Prescription Hugs... Okay, I'm a hugger. If you know me, I have squeezed you to death at least once. Maybe twice. But would this title say anything about me other than the obvious?

8. Pearsons On Plantation Drive... I liked the alliteration (I was an English major, after all!) and the title did include all four of us... but I wasn't sold.

7. Sand Mountain Momma... again, a play on where we live, AND alliteration ( I lurve alliteration!) but I felt it sounded a little back-woods. Momma is no hillbilly!!!

6. Seized For His Glory... I wanted to give a nod to my faith (and tie it in to Anna's epilepsy), but I think this is the title of a Christian book written by a woman with a seizure disorder. I knew it sounded like a winner! LOL! But I'm no plagiarist...

5. Sugarplum and Pumpkin Pie... my daughters' nicknames. :) SWEET, no?

4. Craftin' Like Crazy!... I still like this one, but my blog isn't just about crafts, it's about ALL of my life so...

3. Moxie In The Mayhem... I've got moxie, baby. And let's face it, it's ALL mayhem around these parts. This one is still a fave...

2. Life According to Lindsey... I still think I should have named my blog this. So much so, that I've considered shutting this one down and starting a new one. But that's an awful lot of trouble for my whole. seven. followers. I like to keep it simple for the fans. LOL!

1. Squeezing The Day... This one won out because it plays on the the epilepsy, it shows that I'm a lovva (that's a lover for all of you needing a southern-to-English translation!) and a hugga! And it implies that we are getting the very most out of our days around here as we're learning, helping, crafting, serving, etc. Thanks to Lori Boatfield for the suggestion!

So that's the meaning behind the name of my blog. What about you? Leave a message and tell me why you named your blog what you did. I've been wondering about some of yours that aren't so obvious! This ought to be fun! :D

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