Friday, January 21, 2011

From Flab To Fab Friday

Welcome, everyone, to my 27th day on a diet. So you don't have to count, I started the day after Christmas. I'm impatient! I couldn't wait for New Year's Day to start my weight loss resolution (mostly because momma had NO pants that fit... not even sweats. Sad, right?)! So Sunday, December 26th, was D-day for me. And here I am 27 days later and happy to report that there have been no casualties! Ha!

About a year ago I started a weight loss blog trying to chronicle my efforts to shed the weight I have acquired in my 10 years of marriage. But, alas, I found that (once again) I was having a hard time making what the experts call a "lifestyle change" and the blog fell to the wayside (along with my willpower and motivation for healthy eating and exercise! LOL!). So since I'm "back on the wagon," per se, I thought I'd keep myself accountable here on THIS blog and do it on Fridays... with alliteration...cuz, you know... I'm a freak like that.

I'll keep y'all posted on what I'm doing (and NOT doing) to keep this weight off of me for good. I've made some decisions and I'm changing the way I'm thinking about things, so I HOPE that this is the first step on the long and continual journey to better health for me. In the meantime, I'll close by sharing that I've dropped a total of 13 lbs since December 26th. The pants are FITTING again and I'm able to broaden my clothing selection to tops that haven't fit in FOREVER. And this makes momma happy!!!

So join me if you wanna. It's always better to tackle the not-so fun projects with a friend in tow. And who knows? We might just find that there is fun to be found, after all!

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