Monday, January 10, 2011

I Guess I Just Have A Knack For It!

Well, I've done it again. I've pee-peed in some people's Wheaties. :) When will I ever learn to keep my mouth SHUT? I have this sickness of not being able to leave well enough alone. This applies to going to the n-th degree embellishing a craft, and not being able to hold my tongue on something that I feel strongly about.

I know we aren't supposed to discuss religion and politics in mixed company without an all-out war of words following suite. Well, apparently you can add football to the list if you live in the great state of Alabama, or anywhere else an intense rivalry exists. :D I am a strong, intellectual, independent woman, and I have an opinion on just about everything. You don't even have to ask me for it... Most times I'll give it willingly, without warrant! I also thought I had a sense of humor, but have been set straight on that matter too! Thank God for all the thin-skinned people of the world who can say what THEY want, but get their knickers in a knot if someone disagrees (in a somewhat derogatory manner...blush...) and is set straight and schooled on freedom of speech. What would we DO without their insight? Yep. I can add "not taking the high road" to my list of faults too, I guess. I'm only human after all...

I realized this morning, however, that this is not my first offense. In recent years, I've debated my stance on politics, religion, and my beef with the DMV and doctors giving every Tom, Dick, and Harry a handicapped parking permit. I try to not name-call or speak derrogatively, but yesterday got the better of me. Funny thing is, I was trying to make a point of being "intolerant of intolerance" as I have been known to joke about among my friends. Obviously, I failed big time. And obviously just because a person is a "friend" on your Facebook "friends list" does not make them so. Ouch. Life lessons all over the place! LOL!

I am reminded of my senior year in high school when I was one of the editors on the school paper. I wrote an editorial (tongue-in-cheek, Dave Barry style) about Thanksgiving dinner at our house. My English teacher (and newspaper supervisor) LOVED it. Hundreds of students did not. That's right. I said hundreds. You would have thought I had shot the Pope or something the way they felt I had bad-mouthed such a beloved holiday. On one hand I was flattered that that many people actually read the paper, and on the other hand, I was appalled that people couldn't laugh at my family the way I could. One things for sure, the written word is POWERFUL, people. And apparently I have a knack for stirring things up with it.

If you know me, I mean really know me, you know that I would rather hurt myself than to hurt someone else. You also know that I'm a sucker for the under-dog and will always stand up for injustice when I see it. You also know that I'm gonna tell you EXACTLY how I feel, no matter the outcome. I tell the truth and I tell things as I see it. I will try not to ask certain football fans geographical questions (like if they can find their team's campus without a map or a GPS) and I will always use humor wherever I can. Because if we can't laugh at ourselves, we've got problems, people. I'm also always up for a good debate. I find intellectual banter stimulating, so don't be afraid to chew the fat with me. No subject is off limits here, folks. Be sure to bring an umbrella, though, when the crap decides to hit the fan. I'm willing to stick it out if y'all are!


  1. I so understood where you were coming from in your post, but wasn't at all surprised at the number of people who were pissed. I detest the way people act about a STUPID game and feel most of them act ri-freaking-diculous.

    What nags me even more is the fact that so many of the people who are such fervent fans have never stepped foot on any college campus much less attended either of these schools. Most of them couldn't tell you who the vice-president is or why we're currently at war, but can recount in minute detail games and statistics from said games. It's insane.

    I have two of these people in my family and am grateful to be estranged from them so I don't have to listen to their smack.

    I say good for you for being willing to throw your opinion into the mix, and you're right about the power of the written word. My first day in a college-level journalism class the professor told us that if we didn't believe the pen is mightier than the sword then we needed to find another major. He was so right.

  2. I have gotten e-mail after e-mail asking me what was UP with all those hostile people! What can I say? I've been a freak magnet from way back! lol! I tried to handle things with as much grace and class as I could muster, but I cannot tolerate being told I shouldn't have an opinion or that I'm wrong for wanting to rid my status update feed from obnoxious, negative people. Last time I checked, we still live in a free country, thank God.

    And you are so right about people not knowing about (what you and I consider) the "important" things. I wish people would get as passionate about the injustice inflicted on millions of people daily, or the grace and mercy that God has for us. Unfortunately, sports (among other things) has become a religion for some people and regard for humanity has taken a back seat to EVERYTHING else.
    I love what your professor said. I'm putting that quote in my back pocket to use at will, if that's okay! It is SO true. I was about to say that I was going to try to not be so provocative in my posts, but how can we address ignorance and intolerance without getting into the thick of things and standing up for what we lfeel is right? Is that not the American way? I will vow, with God's help, to do that better than I did the other day. I want to be a positive example to others, but I'm afraid I "bit my nose off to spite my face" in that original post. Maybe "more love, less sarcasm" should be my new mantra! See? More sarcasm. I'm hopeless! But hey, as long as we're still breathing, we get a chance to make things right. I'm a work in progress... ;) Thanks for your friendship, your support, and the stimulating, intelligent conversations we always seem to have. You're a keeper, girlfriend!