Monday, January 31, 2011

Fast, Easy DIY Art on the CHEAP!

Our guest bath, (aka: the girls' bathroom) has been under a decorating re-do for months now. JR insisted that the previous "fish" theme had to go and a more mature "rock star" theme was suggested to take it's place. What a six year old knows about being a rock star is beyond me, but I went with it. Momma is always up for a decorating challenge.

The thing is, NOTHING about this room has come together in a way that makes me think, "YES! I love it!" and so has therefore been left unfinished. As a woman obsessed with task completion, this room has become a thorn in my side. My new organization plan to start with the smallest room in the house and "re-work" it to my specifications (progressing to the next bigger room once completed, and so on...) has led me to once and for all FINISHING this bathroom.

So what does momma do when she needs a cute little picture and doesn't want to spend a lot of money (cuz there are LOTS more projects, people...)? She gets creative.

Out comes the embossed wallpaper that I have used for more projects than I can count...

My new Barbie calendar that I picked up at Costco for next to nothing (a smaller calendar also came with... this bigger one was bought for crafts in mind!)...

And a purchased frame from Wal-Mart...

And viola! An easy, tres chic piece of artwork that is cute enough for momma and sassy enough for my wanna-be rock star/ first grader.

Here's a shot from farther back to kind of give you the "feel" of the piece in relation to the room. It's a small bathroom. I was practically "feeling" my backside against the shower wall to get this shot! LOL! I think Barbie is going to like her new digs. She, like Chaka Khan and myself, IS every woman. I think she'll like her new "rock star" status! Stay tuned for more bathroom updates!

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