Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pear Salad

If you know me, you know that I am NOT the cook in the family. That's Chuck's title. He's an avid " Food Network" watcher, a mean omlet maker, and truth be told, I think he dreams of one day owning his own restaurant. Yep. I'm a lucky gal. I'm also happy to relinquish the kitchen to his master-mind and enjoy the delecacies that he creates. I, on the other hand, tend to gravitate toward easy-peasy recipes. I like casseroles and semi-homemade stuff that looks great, but could easily be pulled off by a grade school student. Case in point: the delicious and uncomplicated (and very southern) pear salad.

Chuck and I often wonder who was the first person to come up with this unique flavor combo. At first glance these ingredients seem like they would never go together, but trust me... It's super yummy. My mom used to make it all the time, and though it's technically a salad, I like to have it for dessert.

* Get yourself a can of pear halves and drain them.
* Arrange them on a bed of lettuce for presentation (I left the lettuce out, cuz, well, we were out of lettuce!).
* Add a dollop of mayo to the pear centers (I like to use a mellon baller because it's quick and keeps the fingers mess free!).

* Grate yourself a little cheddar cheese and sprinkle on top.
* Finish it with a cherry and you're good to go.

What could be easier than that? Pretty enough to take to a pot-luck and simple enough for an after school snack. And dee-lish. Four out of five housewives with the culinary skills of grade schoolers agree. ;)

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